We invest in research and development because we recognise the importance of operating environments and premises. Collaboration and networking are essential components of promoting learning, development and competitiveness. We have created several demo environments to illustrate new ideas on campuses and measure the impacts of new environments on people’s activities and perceptions.

One example that represents a major change in the world of education is the Ubiko project at the Oulu University Teacher Training School. In the Ubiko project, we utilised the latest research in teaching and learning to create a next-generation teacher training school environment in existing premises.


Many demo environments have been created in our role as the lead organisation in the Tekes-funded Premises for Learning and Creating New Knowledge programme coordinated by the Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Built Environment (RYM). The research programme runs from 2011 to 2014 and will provide us with a wealth of empirical data that we can apply in our processes. http://rym.fi/fi/program/sisaymparisto/