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– VR Morning is a different kind of event where the audience can try things out themselves

At Kampusklubi’s® virtual reality events, you can find out just where the rapidly forward-moving VR technology is at the moment. Twice a year virtual reality designers come to VR Morning to present their achievements to each other as well as interested members of the public.
VR Morning 7 February Familiarise yourself with the demonstrations – virtually!

Cinematic virtual reality with 360° videos, augmented reality, interactive technology, simulation of construction projects. All this and a lot more VR/AR technology has been introduced at four VR Morning events so far. The event should not be compared to the entertaining wooing of the public at shopping centres or festivals. Instead, it is a forum for technology developers and researchers and for applications or ready products that companies have developed for themselves.

“The events have a really intense atmosphere and there is a lot to experience. All the participants, whether they are exhibitors or members of the public, share an interest in the subject and its development. This common interest is visible in their extreme enthusiasm. I am always very excited about what will be introduced at the next VR Morning because the industry moves forward so quickly,” explains Jaana Hanninen, Customer Coordinator at Kampusklubi, University Properties of Finland Ltd.

Companies, researchers and technology developers all around Finland have experienced the appeal of the VR Morning events. Mika Karaila from Valmet Automation has been at every event to introduce demos: “The atmosphere at the events is superb. There are a lot of people and loads of demonstrations. In my opinion, the best thing of VR Morning is getting to see up close what’s going on in the industry. It is interesting to see the new things everybody else is working on. It is also intriguing that as different operators we are all are heading in the same direction, independently of each other. The trend is that VR applications are becoming more functional, visual and user-friendly all the time.”

Karaila also emphasises that you can gather material for practical work from the events.
“It is great to be able to talk about successes but also about challenges. These are rare opportunities to get to meet and talk to the top players in the industry a couple of times a year. It is also extremely valuable for researchers to take part in the event. Research and practice are intrinsically linked.”

The concept of VR Mornings differs from many other VR events.

“The exhibitors bring along their models, applications and innovations, and the visitors get to try them out hands-on. The events are very informal. Several new business relationships have been created as a consequence. For many, this has become a very significant forum,” says Jaana Hanninen.

As many as 500 participants attend the VR Morning events. They are open to all, but the majority of the visitors are professionals and experts in the industry. Last time there were approximately

30 different exhibitors or demonstrations. New exhibitors are warmly welcome to attend the VR Morning events. VR Morning is arranged at Kampusklubi® in Kampusareena, located at Tampere University of Technology.

VR Mornings are arranged by Kampusklubi®. Kampusklubi® is a multidisciplinary co-creation platform for companies concentrating on research and product development. It delivers events according to its members’ requirements and is able to adapt its operations and range of services in an agile way, exploiting the rapid development of technology. Kampusklubi® is a concept of University Properties of Finland Ltd and a registered trademark.

VR Morning 7 February Familiarise yourself with the demonstrations – virtually!

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