Our premises at the use at the moment, in this koronavirus (COVID-19) situation we follow the regulations of the authorities

The safety of our customers, partners and the society is the most important thing for University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK). We follow strictly the information of authorities in all our actions. The premises for our company customers are in normal use. The walkways and directions in the University premises have been restricted according to Univesity decisions. The maintenance services are working in all our premises at the capacity that is agreed with our clients at the moment.

We co-operate closely with all our clients in these exceptional circumstances. We courage all to follow the authorities regulations from the pages of the Finnish institute for health and welfare. You can also find links to the local university from the pages of the campuses, there you can find more information for local communities.

Find more information on the situation from the Finnish institute for health and welfare through this link.

If you have any questions for us, please contact us at korona @ sykoy.fi (delete spaces between words and @).