Kampusklubi closes down

Due to the protracted Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to terminate the current operations of Kampusklubi on 31 January 2021. Klubi’s operation is based on encounters, events and occasional interaction at the club. As we do not know when it will be safe to have these activities again, we decided to terminate the operation in its current form.

Kampusklubi brought together the university and businesses, research and product innovation. In addition, it created a meeting place for thousands of people, new things and ideas. Kampusklubi was established nearly six years ago in a situation where the campus area was opened to companies with the construction of Kampusareena. As an innovation platform, Kampusklubi offered various kinds of activities, versatile premises, visibility and contacts to both the university and businesses. Kampusklubi contributed to the awareness of the Hervanta campus and Kampusareena in the Tampere region, elsewhere in Finland and abroad.

 University Properties of Finland Ltd’s (SYK) new strategy period started at the beginning of 2021. SYK’s aim is to be the best campus partner. This objective challenges us to operate ambitiously in our campus areas and to support universities’ operations. Four strategic guidelines contribute to the purpose of our operations: appropriate spatial solutions, clear and high-quality customer service, verifiable added value and secured owner benefits.

We want to thank every company involved in Kampusklubi’s operations, university staff, students and everyone with valuable input for Kampusklubi. Kampusklubi Operator Jaana Hanninen has greatly contributed to Kampusklubi’s success and visibility. We thank Jaana for her valuable input at Kampusklubi.


Further information:

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Director, Customer Relations
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