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An inviting multidisciplinary campus in the city centre.

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Tampere University  is a hub of leadership studies, education, natural sciences, medicine and life sciences, communication, social sciences and technical sciences. With over 10.000 applicants each year, it is the most popular multidisciplinary university in Finland.



The safety of our clients, partners and the whole society is the most important thing for University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK). For this reason we strictly follow the authorities’ regulations in all our actions. The premises that SYK offers are at normal use. Our maintenance systems are working in a capacity agreed together with our clients at the moment.

We co-operate closely in this exceptional situation with all our universities and other customers. What comes to this exceptional situation, we courage you all to follow the authorities information in the pages of the Finnish institute for health and welfare through this link. As well as information on the pages of your local university through this link.

We will inform possible changes in these pages. Is you wish to have more information from SYK on this matter, we encourage you to contact us on korona@sykoy.fi


The campus is located in Tampere within a five minute walk from the train and bus stations. The building complex is closely knit and the campus offers all the necessary student services.

Tampere University started life as the Civic College in 1925.

Manager, Customer Relations, Tampere Region and Hämeenlinna Region, Msc (Tech) Mervi Huhtelin

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