Collaboration with students brings new ideas outside of the box

In 2017, five member companies of Kampusklubi gave 16 assignments for students on Basics of Construction Management and Economics course. Over 100 students, including first year students Paavo Pyykkö and Väinö Juntunen, worked with the assignments that dealt with the everyday life of the companies. Juntunen and Pyykkö worked with an assignment given by Sweco and developed a new concept and a procedure that have been developed forward in Sweco for over a year now. Other group members were TUT students Joni VenäläinenVille OrkolaVille Lepola and Riku Kurki, and the teacher on the course was Alpo Salmisto.

Sweco offered the students various assignments that were close to the company’s everyday life.

”By offering assignments we got a possibility to see how students approach these themes with fresh eyes. We gave the students several different themes to discuss and guided them to start. At the same time the students got contacts from companies in the early stages of their studies.”, describes Atte Leppänen, Business Development Director from Sweco.

”We started our course work from a specific field of construction that has hardly been considered until this day. We wanted to develop a new concept and procedure that could bring a solution to that problem. What helped us with the development was that we had just started our studies and we could find an “outside of the box” kind of solution.”, Pyykkö says.

”At first we considered our solution as a normal course work, but the company thought it was a very good procedure that has never even crossed their minds. First we were asked to introduce our solution for a bigger group and then we introduced it at the Sweco Inn event. There we went through how our concept and procedure should be developed forward.”, Juntunen adds.

In addition to reputation and honor, both Juntunen and Pyykkö got jobs from their own field of study. As a result, their ideas have been taken forward in the company.

”Right now we aim to get another company to join the development project. The company should have a high level of competence in technology, so we can get further guidelines for our development and see how widely we will take this project.”, Pyykkö says.

After the first introduction the students got an access to Kampusklubi and they have become familiar faces for other Kampusklubi members.

“Kampusklubi has excellent facilities for studying and great opportunities for networking with other Kampusklubi company members”, both underline.

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