Kampusklubi gathers together those interested in AI issues several times a year

The hottest artificial intelligence application, innovations and studies of the day. Enthusiastic exchange of thoughts and discussion as well as challenges directed to the audience. The AI Morning events organised by Kampusklubi®, Nokia Technologies, DIMECC Oy and Cybercom inspire the top experts of the field.

“The AI Morning events differ from other recurring Finnish AI events in that the AI Mornings discuss technical issues in-depth as well as the practical business opportunities presented by artificial intelligence. The events, focusing on discussion, bring together a wide team of experts with corporate needs and challenges. The idea behind the forum is to help Finnish businesses operate and utilise the opportunities presented by the AI disruption,” states Jaana Hanninen who is responsible for running Kampusklubi.

The predecessor of AI Morning, Cybercom’s Machine Learning Guild initiated by Tero Keski-Valkama started with monthly open meetups in the IT industry company Cybercom.
“I felt that we needed information about the new winds blowing in the field of AI that could also be shared. The meetups were organised as info sessions. There were plenty of interested participants in these events, which is why it was a great thing to combine the Guild with the AI Morning events and to have Kampusklubi® as the organiser.”

The AI Morning events started last year as a conference type of an event.
“Soon, we discovered that more time was needed after the presentations for free discussion,” says Jaana Hanninen from Kampusklubi®. “Now the entire concept of the event has transformed into a setting for dialogue.

“It’s important for different actors to encounter one another,” adds Tero Keski-Valkama. “Free interactions makes true encounters between people with similar interests and development targets possible. The dialogue has been very active. It’s especially great to have the AI event in the morning. Many people continue the discussion over lunch and take the themes to their workplaces during the same day. I don’t believe that people would leave as excited if the event was organised in the evening.”

The events often mix different segments of the private sector, such as manufacturing industry, construction and health care, and share inter-segment common solutions.

Arto Peltomaa from DIMECC Oy is one of the active organisers of the event. Peltomaa summarises the significance of the AI Morning events like this: “Businesses, academics, developers and industry… these events are a unique interface for all of these to come together. In addition, artificial intelligence is currently an extremely interesting field that is developing in leaps and bounds. It will change the world and the everyday life we lead. AI will affect all industries but it is particularly interesting to follow the development of the AI applications in the field of medicine and health care.”

Fourth organiser of the event, Jukka P. Saarinen from Nokia Technologies highlights the benefits of AI Mornings in networking and finding future solutions:

“Nokia wants to network with other companies and academics interested in AI. For us, AI Mornings are a tool for finding new future solutions for Nokia’s different sectors.”

The AI Morning events are organised by Tampere’s Kampusklubi. Kampusklubi® is a multidisciplinary joint development platform for businesses with an R&D focus. It organises activities required by its members and is agile in adapting its operations and offering in the same beat with the fast-paced technological development. Kampusklubi® is a concept created by the University Properties of Finland and a registered trademark. www.sykoy.fi/kampusklubi. Find out more about AI Mornings at www.aiaamu.fi

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