Property data to use with Kampusklubi’s open cloud service

We arrive at Kampusklubi’s premises. Rejlers Finland Oy’s Timo Mäkimattila takes his smartphone from his pocket, opens an application and locates himself in the Kampusklubi premises. In an instant, he can view the condition data of the premises in a 360-degree view by pointing to the sensors installed in Kampusklubi. This is the first application making use of Kampusklubi’s cloud service and the property data collected there.

Located at Tampere University of Technology, Kampusklubi has operated as a test platform for collecting property data. The platform development project has advanced to the phase where the sensor data of the test property has been successfully uploaded to the cloud. In addition, the first demo applications for making use of the data have been developed.

Properties and their users produce a massive amount of data that is essential to everyday property maintenance. However, air conditioning systems, lighting and heating produce data separate from one another, which means that it hasn’t been possible to utilise the collected data efficiently. Kampusklubi’s cloud service collects plenty of different data and stores it all in the same place. As a result, it can be accessed using a smartphone and only one application.

“The cloud service we have developed is an open and reliable platform for digitising properties developed in a modern manner. Connecting data sources does not require programming at all. You can access the data through API interfaces, which makes the development of the apps faster, easier and clearer. We collect data in real-time from both integrated data sources, such as automation systems, and external data sources,” says Vladislav Jumppanen, CEO at Polku Innovations Oy.

“Rejlers Accelerated Operations connects the data with its environment. Searching for and monitoring the data is easy with a browser that presents 360-degree images and an augmented reality application. For instance, Accelerated Operations can be used to get to know new working facilities in advance, train employees and monitor real-time measurement data. Benefits include fewer errors and finding data related to decision-making quickly,” describes Timo Mäkimattila, Digital Services Specialist at Rejlers.

Demo applications have been developed based on the collection of property data at Kampusklubi and the data in the cloud service. Through the applications, the data is accessible as well as quick and easy to use. The open cloud presents an excellent setting for Kampusklubi’s business members and the entire university community for developing new applications that make use of property data.

The demo executed at Kampusklubi is part of the Digital Property Services (Virpa C) research project. The University Properties of Finland Ltd participates in the research project as one of the businesses alongside Siemens, Helvar and Granlund as well as Tampere University of Technology and University of Oulu, among others. The idea of the project is to make all the data collected in properties usable. We want to transfer and refine data collected from properties to the cloud from where service providers can utilise the data in their own operations using different applications. This way, property maintenance, for instance, can access a property’s condition data on the spot easily, visually and quickly. Visualised data makes the everyday work of property maintenance easier, but it also saves time and money.

The core idea of applications created based on property data collected in the cloud is to make the everyday life of property maintenance easier, the opportunities for utilising data collected from properties are much wider. In the future, smart systems could offer reports for property owners and tenants on the rates of usage of different premises, information about premises’ conditions also for the users, an opportunity to learn the users’ needs and preferences and present the user with an opportunity to adjust the conditions.

Watch a presentation video of an application making use of Kampusklubi’s cloud service on YouTube!


For additional information, please contact:

University Properties of Finland Ltd

Olli Niemi
+358 (0)50 60 210

University Properties of Finland Ltd

Jaana Hanninen
Customer coordinator, concept development and sales
+358 (0)40 041 4117 

Polku Innovations Oy

Vladislav Jumppanen

Rejlers Oy

Timo Mäkimattila
Digital Services Specialist
+358 (0)50 530 7656


The University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK) is a nationwide owner and developer of university properties outside of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Our mission is to create campuses with great appeal and opportunities to fuel regional growth by combining science, business and vibrant urbanity. We offer spatial solutions of the future for higher education institutions, companies and services providers as well as cost-efficient premises meeting the needs of our customers. SYK is owned by the Finnish state and 10 universities. The company’s balance sheet value is approximately EUR 1 billion, comprised of some 247 university buildings. In 2017, the turnover was EUR 152 million.


Polku Innovations Oy is a technology start-up specialised in developing IoT applications and platforms. The Zone-IoT platform developed by Polku is a modern cloud solution that makes the digitalisation of properties easier and faster.


Rejlers Finland Oy provides diverse engineering services for clients in the fields of industry, energy, construction and infrastructure. Rejlers combines ICT with engineering and also offers digital service solutions to its customers. Rejlers’s competence is at the use of their customers as consulting services, service products and project solutions. In Finland, we operate in 19 locations. Rejlers Finland is part of the Nordic Rejlers AB company. In 2017, the turnover of the Rejlers Group’s Finnish operations was approximately EUR 48.6 million.

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Property data to use with Kampusklubi’s open cloud service

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