University Properties of Finland Ltd

We own and develop university campus properties outside the Helsinki metropolitan area. We produce and provide to our customers cost-efficient facilities that suit their needs. Our customers are universities, higher education institutions and research institutes as well as businesses.

Our vision is

to be Europe’s most valued campus developer. To achieve this objective, we invest actively in research and development. Our responsibility is centred on developing properties in line with the principles of sustainable development.

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Our stakeholders

University Properties of Finland Ltd is owned by nine universities outside the Helsinki metropolitan area and the Finnish State. The Finnish State is represented by Senate Properties.

Sanna Sianoja

”Our vision is to be Europe’s most valued campus developer.”

Chief Executive Officer Sanna Sianoja

We support the success of our customers.

  • We offer attractive environments for productive, high-level learning and research.
  • We are a regionally significant enabler of growth.
  • We are an efficient provider of premises that support the business operations of our customers.
  • We are a reliable partner to our customers.


At SYK, we

  • operate responsibly.
  • help the customer achieve success.
  • create added value.
  • research and develop.


We own and develop international campuses as part of vibrant university cities.

SYK and responsibility

For us, responsibility means developing properties in line with the principles of sustainable development. We are responsible for providing our customers with appropriate and healthy operating premises. Our aim is to ensure the long-term sustainability of our properties from the human, environmental and economic perspectives.

Read more in our Annual Report

An efficient expert organisation

We are an expert organisation of 30 members of staff. We are flexible and agile and we operate by collaborating with external partners.

We have achieved very good results in various job satisfaction surveys. According to the survey conducted in 2016, our staff satisfaction is at a good level and managerial work achieves good results.