A compact campus within walking distance from the city centre.

The Joensuu campus of the University of Eastern Finland offers versatile degree programmes ranging from educational science to law and mathematics. In addition, all the services a student needs from healthcare to the student union can be found on campus.

The University of Joensuu was founded in 1969, and new buildings and extensions of the originals were built in the 1990s and the 2000s.

The compact and cosy campus is located near the city centre.

Map of property

map of Joensuu campus

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Yliopistokatu 2, 80100 Joensuu

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Esko Ollikainen

Manager, Customer Relations, Eastern Finland

puh. 040 173 0235


Jukka Silvennoinen

Technical Manager, Joensuu

puh. 050 599 6996


Mikael Nummi

Project Manager

puh. 040 4869 696

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, Natura approx. 870 sqm
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