The main campus of the University of Lapland is located in the district of Rantavitikka approximately 2.5 kilometres south of the Rovaniemi city centre.

The main building of the University of Lapland was built in 1987 when the university was still called the College of Lapland and the street now known as Yliopistonkatu was named Pappilantie. A, D, and E wings of the building were added in 1992 and another extension was completed in 2000. The building of the Faculty of Arts was added in the main building in 2006. Art plays a significant role on the main campus, as it can be seen in the university art collections and in the changing exhibitions. There are in total 8 art galleries on campus.

The Arctic Centre is located in the Arktikum building in the city centre in a breath-taking setting by the river Ounasjoki.  The building was built partly underground, and it houses a science centre and a museum. The glass-roofed corridor in Arktikum stretches out to 172 metres and is one of the landmarks of Rovaniemi.

The teacher training school of the University of Lapland is located right by the city centre. The teacher training school was renovated in an old elementary school. The newest extension of the school was completed in 2019.

Art and the arctic way of life.

Lapin Yliopisto

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