Kuopio campus is located in a beautiful lakeside setting a short walk from the city centre.

The architecture contest for the design of Savilahti campus was held in 1972. The contestants were invited to participate, and the first prize was given to the pseudonym “M72” that belonged to the team of architects led by Juhani Katainen. The winning proposition was described as practical and the most economical for its features and use of land. The first construction phase was completed in 1978 and the second, including the main building, in 1981.

The features described above can be seen on campus still today. A competition for the building names was organised during the second phase of construction. The winners Canthia (1st phase) and Snellmania (2nd phase) have become established and are still used today. Newer buildings include Mediteknia (2002) and Medistudia (2004). Studying and student housing are combined on campus.

The unique atmosphere is created by the exceptional lakeside location within an easy distance from the city centre.

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map of Kuopio campus

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