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We are an active partner for our customers. Core business of University Properties of Finland Ltd is to produce, maintain and develop premises for universities, colleges and their partners. We support the strategy of our customers and their possibilities to act as motors in common development in their surroundings. Our vision is to be the most respected campus developer in Europe in the future.

22.06.2017 12:01
Check out this job from SYK Oy - Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy - University Properties of Finland Ltd https://t.co/ZBN9fYD0G5

20.06.2017 23:25
Information integrated to new services in research prjct @olli_niemi @SuviNenonen #sykoy #IoT #internet #properties https://t.co/sgxevs0r7T

20.06.2017 23:22
Mukana integroimassa tietoa uusiksi palveluiksi @olli_niemi @SuviNenonen #sykoy #VirpaC #Internet #kiinteistö #IoT https://t.co/8p7k448Oln

20.06.2017 10:17
Haethan meille kokenut ja ratkaisukeskeinen asiakkuustyön ammattilainen! Lue lisää

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Year 2016 Annual report and Sustainability report is published.

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