Premises on campus strengthen collaboration between the company and the university

Forestry machinery manufacturer Ponsse Oyj and its smart machinery control system developing subsidiary Epec Oy established a product development unit in Tampere in 2017. The premises were found in Kampusareena in Hervanta. In the 2022, Ponsse and Epec moved to bigger premises on the 5th floor of the Kampusareena building. Having premises on campus has facilitated collaboration with the university.

The Head of Product Development at the Ponsse Tampere unit Kalle Einola says Tampere is a perfect location in relation to other offices of the Ponsse Group.

– We used to have our operations in Vieremä, where Ponsse has its factory and headquarters. In addition, we had a product development unit in Kajaani. Our subsidiary Epec, that is now an integral part of the group, had its factory and product development unit in Seinäjoki. We decided to establish a new product development unit and concluded that Tampere was the best location for it. Then we found the premises for us in Kampusareena in Hervanta, Einola recalls.

The move to Kampusareena was made easier by the fact that Ponsse had already conducted research collaboration with the University of Tampere.

– For several years, we had conducted research together with various faculties and teams of researchers. Now the collaboration has become even more active and easy, as we are in the same environment with students, researchers and professors. Now that the strict COVID restrictions are over, we have rediscovered the benefits of face-to-face meetings, which are easy to organise, as we are all on the same campus, Einola says.

In addition to collaboration, the premises on campus have facilitated recruitment and availability of skilled and trained employees.

– Our location side by side with the university has benefited our recruitment process, as it gives as the advantage of recruiting young technology experts. In addition, we have commissioned many master’s thesis dissertations during our time in Kampusareena, Einola concludes.

Ponsse and Epec both already had other important partners in the Tampere region, and new networks are being created via the Campus Club. The aim of the Campus Club is to spark and strengthen collaboration between businesses and the university with the help of club activities, flexible spaces and collaboration models.

– Campus Club improves networking opportunities between the university, students, and businesses. We have found the club activities very useful, Einola sums up.

Photo: Emil Bobyrev

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Premises on campus strengthen collaboration between the company and the university

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